Meet The Team

The strength of K-W Property Management is in our team and how we support each other to get the job done for our clients. We take great pride in our ability to work together to give our clients the most positive experience that working with a Property Management Company should be.

Trish Montag
Just as she turned 20 years old, Trish had jumped into the industry with both feet and all heart in negotiating her first triplex purchase, with limited experience and an abundance of passion she never looked back. Trish connected with an ever expanding network of savvy professionals and attended every industry related event she could find. With nowhere else to go but up, she launched K-W Property Management Corp and has embraced the many challenges and rewards along the way. Backed by her dedicated team, Trish thrives on working with investors to help locate the right demographics, attract the most reliable tenants and negotiate secured, long term cash flow. Supporting the Tri-City area where her roots are firmly planted, Trish is a perfect example of how hard work pays off. She looks forward to expanding on her team's positive affect of meeting new investors and helping to take the worry out of their personal and financial futures.
Debbie Montag
While Trish is certainly the founder of K-W Property Management, one could say that it was Debbie who truly started it all. As Trish's mother, Debbie has been there since day one and brings over 25 years of experience in sales and customer service to the table. Although well versed in every aspect of the business, Debbie is most in her element when finding tenants a home to plant their roots in. She loves the challenges that the real estate industry brings each day and is clearly at her best when getting to know clients’ needs and helping them find exactly what they're looking for. It all started with helping her daughter in a small firm and now she can't wait to see which new direction the business goes in next. Of course, no matter where it ends up, there's never a dull moment; only new opportunities to help good people find great homes which is just the way she likes it.
Kelly Nodwell
Marketing/Leasing Agent
Kelly can be found most at home combining her studies in Marketing and Business Administration with the invaluable social media skills she's garnered from various workshops along the way. Kelly fell in love with her career path during time well spent as a marketing coordinator in retail distribution before becoming one of the newest members of Trish's team where she embraces every learning opportunity she comes across. Balancing her time between supporting her local sports associations and leading campaigns for the United Way, Kelly has clearly cemented her passion for connecting great people with even greater results. Kelly's talents are thriving in the fast lane of a dynamic office environment where she's inspired each day by what tomorrow holds. She looks forward to meeting her next client and writing yet another success story into the books of K-W Property Management Corp.
Nada Cupic
Maintenance Department
Nada is deeply passionate about two things: real estate and people. She is well-versed in the rental market, housing market, and legal industry. Licensed by the Law Society of Ontario since 2019, Nada is ready to ensure both Landlords and Tenants alike understand their rights and responsibilities. As K-W Property Management Corp's Maintenance Department and Property Manager, she is on a mission to present rental properties, organize property maintenance and prepare legal documentation, so her valued clients can avoid any potential headaches. She may be one of the youngest professionals in the industry, but that doesn't mean she's not armed with the wealth of knowledge, proven expertise, and people skills necessary to offer the most seamless experience possible for all local real estate tenants and landlords alike. When she isn't assisting clients, Nada enjoys spending time outdoors by the water.
Flora Mehboob
AR/Collections Specialist
Flora is no stranger to relentless work ethic and strategic leadership. As K-W Property Management Corp's dedicated Account Receivable and Collections Specialist, she ensures that tenant bills are paid in a timely fashion and that all in-house ledgers are up to date. She also masterfully prepares not only collection files, but the monthly landlord rent rolls. Above all, Flora is armed with a highly detail-oriented and hardworking mindset and exceptional people skills that make her a true asset to our thriving team of experts. Outside of the office, Flora can be found relaxing at home with her beautiful family, including her loving husband, daughter, and son.
Noah Koop
Leasing Agent
A recent graduate & recipient of a BBA from Conestoga College's International Business Management program, Noah may be young, but his passion and fire for real estate more than make up for his addition to the team at such a young age. In various roles within the organization, he's a quick learner and is always looking to ensure there are better, more efficient ways to run things. His schooling has definitely given him the top-down view required for success in this business. Even when he's not working, he's always learning more about real estate and the business world in general. He loves to spend his free time with his girlfriend and their dog. He's also been hit with the travel bug and tries to hopscotch around the world as much as he can, just recently returning from a whirlwind tour of Italy.
Cole Wilton
AR/Collections Assistant
Cole just recently graduated and returned home from completing his BBA Degree at the Institute of Technology, Carlow in Ireland. Although he may be new to the company, he is passionate and has been immersed in the Real Estate business for several years. Cole takes pride in the work he does, and ensures that all tenants and landlords receive industry leading service, every time. In his off-time, he loves hockey, golf and fishing. Those analogous endeavors dovetail right into his work as he's the first to call an off-side as he sees it, drive the whole distance with a problem and he never knows what he'll catch everyday when he throws out his first line of the day into the waters of the rental world.
Kristi Young
Intake Specialist
Kristi comes to us from an unconventional background but her skillset translates well to her new duties on our team as part of our leasing department. Prior to landing here, she was a school teacher with a focus on child youth development. A 2016 graduate of Trenton University and hailing from the small northern town of Picton, Ontario, she's excited to be in the big city and working in the fast-paced industry of real estate. She's just recently married and loves spending time with her husband and their fur-baby Oakley, a gentle German Shepherd who occasionally comes by to say hello to the team.
Tracy Miller
Tenant Relations
Meet Tracy, folks. As a mother of three, her littlest one just left the nest for kindergarten and since then, she decided to rejoin the work-force now that her motherly duties are relegated to evenings and weekends. As a long-time friend of the KWPM Family, she was brought on in a supporting role. She's blossomed into more than we could've hoped for and is juggling multiple duties on the tenant-relations end of things with aplomb and ingenuity. Depending on the season, she can be seen out and about at a local ice rink or camping with her kids. If you do find yourself engaged with her in any company correspondence, you'll get a cheery disposition no matter the situation.
Cassidy Martin
Leasing Specialist
Cassidy comes to us from Belleville, Ontario. After attending Algonquin College in Ottawa for Practical Nursing, she graduated in 2017 and had worked as a Psychiatric Nurse prior to having her son. Instead of going back into nursing, she's taken a slight detour into Property Management and we're sure glad she did. She's jumped right into her role in the leasing department here and can juggle quite a few things at once. It's definitely been a blessing to have her on our team. In her downtime, you'll catch her outdoors as much as possible with her family as they love sports and all that nature has to offer.
Jeff Feener
Field Technician
Jeff is our newest field technician. If you're in a unit of ours and he drops by for an inspection, he's friendly, so don't hesitate to say hi! Previously in a factory setting for well over 20+ years, he figured it was time for a change and has come onboard to help out on the road. With a keen eye for detail and a graduate of the Building and Environmental Sciences at Conestga College coupled with trade school training, he's great at problem solving and reporting any deficiencies he sees on his travels. An avid camper and family man, there's nothing he likes better than being with those closest to him when he's relaxing.
Susan Dao
Leasing Specialist
Susan is fresh out of the prestigious Health Sciences program at London's Western University. Not ready to enter her chosen field just yet, she's joined the team and is loving real estate and all it encompasses. In her spare time, she loves listening to music, watching her favorite shows such as Stranger Things and going local festival's as she's a big foodie. She into all sorts of soups and is known in the office for always keeping a jar of jam in her desk drawer.