Work Order Request Form

Please fill out the work order request form and we will respond to your needs quickly and efficiently. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your work order, please don't hesitate to contact us through the means below.

Phone: 519-954-8082

Do you need to be home for this service call?

If you do not need to be present please makes sure all valuables are put away and there are no unattended minors in the home without an adult. K-W Property Management Corp will assume no responsibility for Sub Contractors entering your home without your presence.  Note - K-W Property Management Corp only employs insured contractors and companies to work in their rental homes. 

Terms and Conditions

Tenants please be advised you will be charged for a service call if the following work order is a result of tenant neglect or damage. Also including below but not limited to:

CLOGGED SINKS - This service call is a charge to the tenants if the pipes are full of debris. The tenant will not be charged if the pipe is structurally compromised  

NO HYDRO - The tenant will be charged for this service call if the breakers are off or fuses are burnt out. The tenant will also be charged for this service call if the receptacle reset button needs to be pressed to reset. Please ensure you have checked breakers, fuses and reset buttons prior to our company sending out an electrician. This will avoid costs to you. 

FURNACE NOT WORKING - Please make sure the outside vent (exhaust vent) is not clogged by debris or ice or snow. If the HVAC technician arrives on site and determines the cause to be a blocked vent, the tenant will be held responsible for the service call.  The tenant will also be held responsible for the service call if the batteries on the thermostat are low. Make sure Furnace and or AC switch is turned on, or the tenant will be held responsible for the service call.

LIGHT BULBS - The tenant is responsible for changing all burnt out light bulbs. 

NO ACCESS GRANTED - Please be sure if you request to be home during the service call you are in fact there. If you are not there to grant access after you specifically ask for this service, you will be charged for the service call. 

I accept these terms and conditions:
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